Banking & Finances

We provide advices to banks, lenders, borrowers etc. in many transactions including commercial, financial, and public sectors in many aspects of their strategic planning and business execution. Our team is well known for its professionalism and its deep experience in banking and finance not only in Senegal but across many countries of the continent. .

Corporate/M & A

Our strong record on Corporate is praised by lot of international and domestic companies and international law firms as well when they seek advice on formation and incorporation of branches or subsidiaries or when they face problems in relation to corporate governance .

Insurance & Reinsurance

Thanks to our long relationship with many trans-national corporations working in insurance field we have developed over the last decades an extensive experience in insurance. .

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Our reputation for handling cross-borders deals and litigation in TMT is well established and is acclaimed by Chambers Global 2009. .

Real Estate-coproperty & construction

Our branch based in Mbour has a well known expertise on real estate, co-property, hotel, construction and development of real estate projects. .

Mining & Energy

The energy and mining sector is one of our top priorities given its strategic importance. The firm has been appointed over the last years by many domestic as well as trans-national corporations operating in this sector. .

Healthcare & pharmacy

Being the exclusive legal adviser of one Hospital Principal of the biggest public hospitals of the Sub region for more than fifty years, our firm has acquired over the last decades an in-depth expertise in health deals as well as in litigation. .

Aviation & Shipping

The firm’s experience in transport includes both shipping and aviation. When it comes to aviation law, our firm is undisputedly the leading one in Senegal and stands out in Africa for the quality of its services and its long-standing presence in the sector. .

Employment & HR

Our experience on Employment and HR are sought after by many foreign leading law firms, companies and individuals on transactions and dispute resolution as well. Our services include both individual and corporate labour law. .


ur commitment to include tax amongst our services derives from the fact that tax is affecting more and more the daily life of our clients, individuals and companies as well. .

Family Law

The firm has a wide experience in assisting people in many aspects of family law mainly in adoption, divorce, inheritance, citizenship petition. .

Human Rights Law

Our firm is undoubtedly a leading one in Senegal and the African continent in the field of human rights for its extensive expertise on this issue and its dedication to the fight for the human dignity everywhere in the world. .

Criminal Law

ur litigation team has a deep experience in representing and defending individuals as well as companies in criminal cases. We provide also pro bono services to individuals who cannot afford a counsel in litigation matters. .

Public & Administrative Law

The efficiency of our services in public and administrative law is well appreciated and consists mainly in advising the Council Bodies, the embassies, the international governmental or non governmental organisations in relation with the legal aspects of their mandates. .

Non For Profit Organizations

We act as legal advisers of many charities and non- for profit organizations. Our commitment to offer them efficient and prompt services tailored to their needs explains why our firm is more and more appointed by charities .

States and Diplomatic Institutions

Our close relationship with most of the diplomatic and consular institutions based in Senegal and West Africa derives mainly from our long history in the country and the experience wich comes with this. .



On Friday 8 May 2015, GENI & KEBE welcomed eminent jurist and international law professor, Judge Tafsir Malick Ndiaye, who is currently serving as a judge for the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) in Hamburg, Germany.   Since the beginning of the...

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GENI & KEBE lawyers advise the SRFC’s application to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea that leads to its first ever Advisory Opinion being issued

GENI & KEBE lawyers advise the SRFC’s application to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea that leads to its first ever Advisory Opinion being issued

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea is the independent judicial body established by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea to deal with issues arising out of the interpretation and application of that Convention.

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About us

Since its beginning in 1912, GENI & KEBE has provided legal services to a great number of companies, institutions and individuals. As our clients have grown, so have we. Today, we have offices in three main cities of Senegal, which makes us, apart from being the oldest law firm of the country, the largest one, in addition to our wide network of alliances in the African continent.

This is why our services are highly sought after by clients from many countries across the world including the top law firms in New York, London, Paris, Dubai and from across Asia in their transactions throughout Senegal and the Francophone Africa Region.

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