Banking and finances

 We provide advices to banks, lenders, borrowers etc. in many transactions including commercial, financial, and public sectors in many aspects of their strategic planning and business execution. Our team is well known for its professionalism and its deep experience in banking and finance not only in Senegal but across many countries of the continent. Through our wide network of alliances, we provide cross-border services in many jurisdictions within the African continent. Our deep knowledge of the Senegalese banking system and our outstanding expertise in the OHADA law helps our clients to get from our team a diligent and proficient assistance in any project to be implemented within the OHADA jurisdiction.

Our services in banking and finance encompass bilateral facilities as well as complex investment contracts involving trans-national corporations and states or public sectors bodies. We accompany also private clients in their projects in need of loan by helping them from the inception of the project to the completion.

We have recently advised a global premier investment bank based in London to increase its presence in some African countries including Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, and Senegal in large-scale investment via bilateral loan market, and international bond market. In this regard we helped to facilitate contact with governments’ representatives to discuss both types of financing options and the different opportunities in public and private sectors in the countries targeted

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