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Establishing the right financing mechanisms is crucial to the success of any investment project. With significant commercial experience of the common banking legislation, our team provides advice on finance transactions across the OHADA states, including cross-border investments. .

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Our strong record on Corporate is praised by lot of international and domestic companies and international law firms as well when they seek advice on formation and incorporation of branches or subsidiaries or when they face problems in relation to corporate governance. .

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In addition to handling the establishment of telecom structures in Senegal, we regularly provide legal services to many domestic and foreign corporations operating in the Technology, Media [ampersand] Telecommunications sector. .

Real Estate, Property & Construction

The highest rate of construction in the sub-region is taking place along the Petit Côte of Senegal. Our branch based in Mbour has responded to the increasing number of hotels and real estate projects in the area by developing a strong real estate, property and construction practice. .


The mining sector is a major area of practice for us, given the strategic importance of natural resources in the African economy. We advise a range of mining operators in relation to exploration licences, regulatory compliance, government relations, risk mitigation and environmental approvals. .

Transport / Maritime & Aviation

The firm’s expertise in transport matters includes aviation and shipping, under the leadership of our Partner. .

Employment & Labour

Labour laws are unique to each jurisdiction, so foreign law firms who are advising international clients refer to us on matters of employment law within the region. We advise employers and employees on all aspects of the employment relationship, including contracts, wages, dismissals, cross-border employment, pensions and social security. .


Taxation issues affect all of our clients doing business in the region. We provide advice both on regulatory compliance to assist companies to maximize their tax position and also offer representation on contentious matters or disputes with the tax authorities. .

Human Rights

The firm advocates strongly on human rights issues by representing victims of human rights violations before the Senegalese and international courts. We also advise civil society clients on economic and social rights, such as communities'rights requiring protection in relation to the extractive industries. .

Public & Administrative Law

The efficiency of our services in public and administrative law is well appreciated and consists mainly in advising the Council Bodies, the embassies, the international governmental or non governmental organisations in relation with the legal aspects of their mandates. .

Non For Profit Organizations

We act as legal advisers of many charities and non- for profit organizations. Our commitment to offer them efficient and prompt services tailored to their needs explains why our firm is more and more appointed by charities .

Governance & Legal Reform

We recognize the importance of good governance, both in the administration of the country and also in internal corporate management. We assist clients to establish the right governance systems for their business in accordance with the legal requirements. .

New Commercial Code in Mauritania: GENI & KEBE submitted the draft to the government

Nouakchott, Mauritania, 21 November 2014 - GENI & KEBE and its affiliate office in Mauritania, Yezid Ould Yezid law Office have conducted a workshop held in Nouackchott, the capital city of Mauritania on 20-21 November 2014 to submit to the government of Mauritania the draft of a new Commercial Code.

The two firms were appointed by the Mauritanian government to assess the current Commercial Code and amend it in a way that meets the needs of the economic actors, the investors, and the judiciary as well.
During the workshop, participants composed by in house and practicing lawyers, notaries, magistrates, and the relevant actors of the trade and investment sectors in Mauritania, agreed of the necessity of a new commercial legislation addressing the challenges faced by investors and practitioners of the trade and investment sector.
The draft submitted by the GENI & KEBE and its affiliate office in Mauritania reviewed the whole existing commercial legislation and suggested new provisions regarding business incorporation, corporate law, commercial agreements, competition law, liquidation, securities etc.
‘’We are honored to advise the government of Mauritania to this timely and ambitious project. African countries are attracting lots of investments now and need accordingly to adapt their business environment and investment legislations in order to meet the needs of investors targeting the continent’’, said Mouhamed KEBE, Managing Partner of GENI & KEBE.
He added, ‘’ Two years ago, we advised the government of Senegal on a similar project. Thanks to the implementation of the reforms we suggested, Senegal jumped 10 places in the 2015 Doing Business ranking and joined the 10 top reformers.’’
The draft of the new Commercial Code will be submitted to the Parliament very soon. 

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